Friday, September 4, 2015

Autodesk Certification || All the information you needed

Autodesk Inventor Certification

This video contains the information related to Autodesk Certifications like what type of certification option are available,  where to get the information, where are the certification center, how to get example of exam interface and example question......

Video Transcription

          All the Autodesk Certification related information can be found on following links:--

  1. Here it is mentioned that what is the importance of Autodesk Certifications……
  2. Click here to know about the Certification options…..
  3. All the certification related option are listed here…
  4. The most popular Certifications are Autodesk Certified User and Autodesk Certified Professional
  5. Autodesk Certified User exam is for users with basic skills and Certified Professional Exam is for advance users….
  6. Currently the following versions of Autodesk Programs Certifications are available.
  7. Suppose you want to take the Certificate for the Autodesk Inventor 2015 so click here to know the details of the associated exam.
  8. All the exam related information is provided in this preparation road map guide.
  9. Click here to download the guide.
  10. Total exam related information is present here.
  11. This is the Syllabus for Exams.
  12. To take certification exams follow the links
  13. From here Certification center can be searched which is near to the place where you reside.
  14. From here fill the name of the exam, name of the city where you live and country name…..
  15. The certification center nearby your location is placed in front of your screen.
  16. To get the answer to another most important question that comes into the mind like Exam question type and its environment, just click here to know…. and move forward…
  17. In this tutorial all the aforesaid information is stated……here you have to move step by step to get all the information.

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