Saturday, December 2, 2017

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Engine Piston’ (with caption and audio narration)

Engine Piston_1

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Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Engine Piston’ (with caption and audio narration)

The Design of ‘Engine Piston’ has been taken from Assembly file of 'Rear Exhaust-2 Shoe' of ‘Sample files’ of Autodesk Inventor, it is a fragment of ‘Engine MKII’ Assembly.
Rest components of the model ‘Engine MKII Assembly’ (consisting of several numbers) have also been designed. You may watch them by visiting on the following playlist:-


Click the following link to get the model file: -


Transcription of the Video

  1. Create a new inch part file.
  2. Activate the Extrude command and create a new sketch over the XY plane.
  3. Create a circle of 0.551 inch diameter coincident from the origin.
  4. Finish the sketch, set the value 0.375 inch of extrusion and click OK.
  5. Fill the name of the file ‘Engine Piston’ and save it.
  6. Create a sketch on this face, take the project of the circle by using ‘Project Geometry’ command.
  7. Create a center point rectangle which is coincident with the center point of circle.
  8. Draw the two arcs and apply the dimensions.
  9. Add the equal and concentric constrain to get the sketch fully constrained.
  10. Activate the Extrude command, select the profile and choose ‘Cut’ option and set the depth value, click OK.
  11. Create a sketch on this face, take the project of part face by using ‘Project Geometry’ command.
  12. Choose slice graphics option, take the offset outside of the circle and set dimension value.
  13. Draw two lines between endpoint of tangent arc and line.
  14. Convert this circle into construction geometry and create another 3point arc to close the profile.
  15. Finish the sketch, select the profile and extrude it 0.0925inch, click OK.
  16. Now see, add another extruded feature has been created, which was made by the ‘Join’ operation earlier.
  17. Activate the ‘Mirror’ command select the extruded feature and choose mid plane, click OK.
  18. Activate the Fillet command, the fillet select mode type as feature select any one edge of the inside of part, it will be automatically selected all inside edges and apply it.
  19. Here three types of selection mode are available, any option can be selected as you need according to your design.
  20. Click Ok to create the fillet.
  21. The file is complete and save it.