Sunday, April 13, 2014

Punch Tool (Autodesk Inventor 2013)

Punch Tool

Serial No. 202

Video Tutorial with caption and audio narration

The Punch Tool command is used to cut or deform sheets by placing predefined Punch tool geometry. To apply this tool the sheet metal face must have a sketch with one or more unconsumed centre mark. This tool is available on the Modify panel of Sheet Metal Tab.



Click the following link to get the model file: -




Transcription of Video

    1. Open the Part 1 file.

    2. Start a sketch on the back face of the model to define centre marks for punch tool.

    3. Place a centre point on the sheet and apply dimensions as displayed.

    4. Duplicate this point 4 times by using Rectangular Pattern tool.

    5. Activate the tool and select the centre point.

    6. Define the direction of Pattern.

    7. Fill up the occurrence count and spacing between the points.

    8. Apply the command.

    9. Exit from the sketching mode.

    10. Activate the Punch tool from the Modify panel.

    11. The PunchTool Directory dialogue box is displayed.

    12. Manually locate Sheet Metal Punch iFeature file LouvrePunch and open it.

    13. Punch Tool dialogue box is displayed and a preview of punche is visible.

    14. Switch to Geometry tab and fill the value in the Angle field.

    15. Next click the Size tab and change the values of Width, Length and Height one by one.

    16. Click the Refresh button to update all the added values on-screen.

    17. Click Finish in the Punch Tool dialog box to place the punches.