Friday, July 17, 2015

Creo Parametric Basic Tutorial || Revolve and Sweep Feature

Creo Parametric Basic Tutorial -Revolve and Sweep Feature

In this tutorial we would learn about the Revolve and Sweep Feature of Creo Parametric by developing a solid named ‘Candle Stick’.
Revolve Feature is used when we want to create a solid by revolving a closed sketch profile through a specified angle and along an axis.
Sweep Feature is used when we want to create a solid using a closed sketch profile and a path. First the path or trajectory is created then the sketch profile.
In this tutorial addition to these tools general part modelling process of creating basic sketches, Extruded cut at an angle etc. are also displayed.

Transcription of Video

  1. Create a new part file utilizing the metric template and give it a name ‘Candle Stick’.
  2. Create a new sketch over ‘Front Datum Plane’.
  3. Clear the screen by closing the visibility of Datum Planes, Axis, Points, Spin centre, etc.
  4. Orient the sketching plane parallel to the screen by clicking Sketch View icon.
  5. Activate the line tool and draw the sketch as displayed.
  6. Change the dimension values as displayed.
  7. Again start creating sketch using the line and 3-Point/Tangent End tool.
  8. While sketch is being created the constraints are applied automatically.
  9. Apply the dimensions as displayed.
  10. The sketch is complete so exit from the sketching mode.
  11. Activate the Revolve Tool.
  12. In the placement Tab first define the sketch profile and then the Axis.
  13. Angle for the revolve is automatic filled 360°.
  14. Click green check mark to execute the command.
  15. Change the colour of the model as per your wish.
  16. Save the file.
  17. Again create a new sketch over ‘Front Datum Plane’.
  18. Draw the sketch as displayed.
  19. Activate the Sweep tool.
  20. Define the visible sketch as trajectory for the sweep.
  21. Click this icon to activate internal sketcher for creating the sweep cross section.
  22. Draw an ellipse at the end of trajectory and apply the dimensions as displayed.
  23. Click Ok to return to the Sweep tab.
  24. The preview of the feature is visible so click ok to execute the command.
  25. Create a sketch over top face of the model.
  26. Activate Extrude Command.
  27. Select remove material option.
  28. First select the sketch and then define the depth of the cut.
  29. Add a taper angle for the cut from the option tab.
  30. Click green check mark to execute the command.
  31. The model is complete so save the file and delete all the old version files that were saved on your hardware.


Click the following link to get the model file: -