Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vise || Creo Parametric Tutorial || (Volume-2)

Vise Assembly (1280x720)

In this Creo Parametric assembly tutorial we will create the model of a ‘Vise’. The tutorial covers basic sketching/part modeling concepts also.

The Vise model has three sub-assemblies. The parts of the sub-assemblies are to be created individually not in context or with reference of other parts of the assembly. Some standard parts, images and a spring is also used that should be obtained before starting the tutorial, afterwards the components are placed into the assembly and by using proper constraint they are fitted according to the design.

Volume 1 of tutorial covers creation of Subassembly-1 along with its components.

Subassembly-1 and its Components

Volume 2 of tutorial covers creation of Subassembly-2 & 3 along with final assembly.

Subassembly-2 and its ComponentsSubassembly-3 and its Components



Get the model file by visiting the following link…