Saturday, September 3, 2016

Suspension (Assembly Volume-2) Video Tutorial--Siemens NX 10



Serial No. 64-B.

Suspension (Assembly Volume-2) Video Tutorial--Siemens NX 10

In this Siemens NX assembly tutorial, we have created a model named ‘Suspension’. The assembly consist of 12 Subassemblies and 43 parts (modelled as well as standard parts) that are positioned according to design intent by using Assembly Constraints.
To complete this tutorial, first get the files used for creating the assembly.
This tutorial will give you a good practice of applying constraints in an assembly and give you an idea of suspension mechanism.
To watch the designing of assembly components, visit on following link:-
(Starting of the Assembly is designed in Volume-1)
The Design of the model ‘Suspension’ has been taken from Assembly file of 'Suspension' → ‘Sample files’ → Autodesk Inventor.
Use the Assembly Arrangements command to define alternative positions for one or more components or subassemblies in your part. You can move or suppress components to create an alternate arrangement.
Arrangements are created in assemblies or subassemblies and must have one active arrangement and one default arrangement or one arrangement that is both the active and the default arrangement. You can create as many arrangements as you want.




Click the following link to get the model file: -