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Synchronous Belt-Dynamic Simulation (Autodesk Inventor 2012)

Synchronous Belt-Dynamic Simulation

Serial No.  93

Synchronous Belt-Dynamic Simulation (Autodesk Inventor 2012)

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Transcription of Video

Display motion in Synchronous Belt through Dynamic Simulation.

  1. Create a New ‘Standard (in) .iam’ assembly and save it with the name ‘Synchronous Belt–Dynamic Simulation’.
  2. Hold the Ctrl key, and click the Synchronous Belts tool on the Power Transmission panel of the Design tab.
  3. The Synchronous Belts Component Generator dialog box will open with its default values.
  4. At present ‘Belt Mid Plane’ selection is active by default.
  5. Select XY Plane of the Assembly.
  6. Select first Synchronous pulley in the ‘Pulleys’ section. Click Pulley properties button to change the pulley parameters.
  7. Enter the value 38 in the ‘Teeth’ input box and click OK.
  8. Select Second Synchronous pulley in the ‘Pulleys’ section. Click Pulley properties button.
  9. Enter the value 57 in the ‘Teeth’ input box and click OK.
  10. Click OK again.
  11. Align the Belt in correct position by using View Cube.
  12. Change the colour of both the Pulleys from the Browser Bar to watch it more clearly.
  13. Select the ‘Synchronous Belts Transmission’ Assembly in the Browser Bar and choose ‘Flexible’ in the context menu.
  14. Now both the Pulleys are rotating on their own Axis.
  15. Activate the Dynamic Simulation Tool from the Begin Panel of Environments Tab.
  16. Activate Insert Joint from the Marking menu.
  17. Select ‘Belt’ from the drop down menu of Insert Joint dialog box.
  18. In the Insert Joint dialog box, select edge of small Pulley as ‘Component 1’ and select edge of large Pulley as ‘Component 2’. Click Ok.
  19. Select Revolution:1 joint in the Browser under the Standard Joints folder, right click and select Properties from the context menu.
  20. Click dof 1 (R) tab and select Edit imposed motion button and check the Enable imposed motion option.
  21. Click the arrow to expand the input choices, and click Constant Value.
  22. Enter the value 360*3 deg/s and click Ok.
  23. In Simulation Player, fill the value 2000 in the Images field area.
  24. Clear the screen by activating the Clean Screen command.
  25. Click Run in the Simulation Player to display motion in Synchronous Belt.