Thursday, January 23, 2014

Application of ‘Circular Pattern’ tool (Autodesk Inventor 2013)

Application of ‘Circular Pattern’ tool

Serial No. 197

Video Tutorial with caption and audio narration


Transcription of Video

  1. This is the model of Twist Drill that is created by us earlier. A full-fledged video related to this can be found on our You Tube Channel.
  2. Here from the Browser Bar you can check the history of its modelling. A lot of 2D sketches, Extrude, Coil features, Work features and Circular Pattern were utilized to create this model.
  3. In this video we will describe about the Circular Pattern Tool that was used three times in its modelling. Watch the video to understand how the tool works.
  4. Circular Pattern tool duplicates one or more features and arrange the resulting occurrences by a specific count and spacing in a circular path.
  5. This tool is available on Pattern Panel of Model Tab.
  6. First Circular Pattern Applied in the modeling of Twist Drill
  7. After activating the Circular Pattern tool the Coil1 and Extrude2 are being selected as feature for the duplication.
  8. Z axis of the model has been selected as axis of revolution.
  9. The number of occurrences in the pattern is 2.
  10. Degree of rotation is 180.
  11. After clicking the ok button the result is in front of you. A duplicate feature is created easily.
  12. Watch the past and current position of the model by suppressing and un-supressing the feature.
  13. Second Circular Pattern Applied in the modeling of Twist Drill.
  14. This time Extrude4 is selected as feature and the Rotation of Axis is same that is the Z axis of the model.
  15. The Occurrence count will be 2 and the Occurrence angle180 degree.
  16. After clicking the ok button the duplicate feature is created.
  17. Third Circular Pattern Applied in the modeling of Twist Drill.
  18. This time two Coil features are selected for the duplication.
  19. All the other specifications of the Circular pattern will be the same as previous ones.
  20. The final result is visible in the design window.