Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mesh of Table Fan (Autodesk Inventor 2010)

Mesh of Table Fan_1

Mesh of Table Fan_2

Mesh of Table Fan_3

Serial No. 61

Mesh of Table Fan (Autodesk Inventor 2010)
In this Autodesk Assembly tutorial we will demonstrate the creation process of the model named ‘Mesh of Table Fan’.
The assembly contains three components. First part named Mesh Front and Mesh Rear will be created individually which can be termed Bottom Up designing process. At a glance the Mesh Rear and Mesh Front looks quite the same but they are different that is why after completing the first part it’s copy will be taken and it will be modify by changing the sketch dimensions and adding more feature according the design to create second part. Later both components will be put into the assembly and positioned by using mates and the third component is created in context of assembly.
In the tutorial viewers will be able to see the Autodesk Inventor Basic functions like 2D sketching, dimensioning, application of sketch constrain and usage of 3D features like Revolve, Sweep, Loft, Circular and Rectangular Pattern and Extrude etc.



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