Monday, January 20, 2014

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Loft tool Ex.1’ (with caption and audio narration)

Application of 'Loft' tool Ex.1

Serial No. 195

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Loft tool Ex.1’ (with caption and audio narration)

In this exercise, we are using a partially constructed assembly of ‘Grating for Gas Oven’. We will add some 2D sketches, work planes and a loft feature to proceed towards its completion.


Click the following link to get the model file: - 




Transcription of Video

  1. Open the ‘Grating for Gas Oven’ (.iam) file.
  2. Here a pre constructed ‘Part1’ is visible in this Assembly.
  3. Activate the ‘Create Component’ tool to create a new part in the Assembly.
  4. Select the XY Plane of the assembly as a base plane for the new component.
  5. Create a new sketch on the XY Plane of the ‘Part2’.
  6. Take the project of Part1 by using ‘Project Cut Edges’ tool.
  7. Select the projected model edges in the graphics window and convert them into construction geometry.
  8. On the Ribbon, click 'Finish Sketch' icon.
  9. Now we will create a new work plane, parallel to YZ Plane of Part2 with the aid of ‘Offset from Plane’ tool.
  10. Activate the ‘Offset from Plane’ tool from the Work Features panel of 3D Model tab.
  11. Select YZ Plane of ‘Part 2’ from the Browser Bar.
  12. Mini toolbar appears in the graphics window.
  13. Drag the manipulator arrow button in the graphics window.
  14. Enter the offset distance value (-1.875) inch.
  15. Click OK to create a new work plane.
  16. Create a new sketch on this work plane.
  17. Take the project of bottom edge of the Part1 and Y Axis of Part2.
  18. Convert both the projected edges into construction geometry.
  19. Draw a rectangle of value 0.25 inch X 0.349 inch with the help of ‘Three Point Center Rectangle’ tool.
  20. Apply a dimension of 0.2991 inch between center point of rectangle and projected edge of Part1.
  21. Finish the 2D Sketch.
  22. Create a new work plane parallel to Work Plane1 at an offset distance of 3.25 inch.
  23. Close the visibility of Work Plane1.
  24. Create a new sketch on Work Plane2.
  25. Take the project of top line of previously drawn rectangle.
  26. Close the visibility of Sketch1 and Sketch2 from the Browser Bar to clear the screen.
  27. Take the project of Y Axis of Part2.
  28. Create a new line of 0.4040 inch with the aid of Offset tool.
  29. Apply a Coincident Constraint between midpoint of newly created line and projected Y Axis line.
  30. Apply 0.59860 inch dimension between these lines.
  31. Add two more lines to close the profile.
  32. Finish the 2D Sketch.
  33. Open the visibility of Sketch2 from the Browser Bar.
  34. Activate the ‘Loft’ tool from Create panel of 3D Model tab.
  35. Loft dialogue box is visible in the graphics window.
  36. On the ‘Curves’ tab, specify the sections to loft.
  37. Click under the ‘Sections’ heading and the select both the sketch profiles in the graphics window.
  38. Click OK to execute the Loft feature.
  39. Close the visibility of Sketch2 and Work Plane2 from the Browser Bar.
  40. Change the colour of model to Steel.
  41. Return back to the Assembly environment.