Monday, April 14, 2014

Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal Tutorial--‘Hem tool’ (with caption and audio narration)

Hem Tool

Serial No. 204

Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal Tutorial--‘Hem tool’ (with caption and audio narration)

Hem tool is used to strengthen or eliminate sharp edges of the sheet metal face. You can create single, double, rolled and teardrop hems. This tool is available on Create panel of sheet metal Tab.


Click the following link to get the model file: - 



 Transcription of Video

1. Open the Assembly file of ‘Chassis for Constant Voltage Transformer’.

2. In the Browser Bar double click the ‘Part3' file to edit it.

3. Go to the ribbon, Create panel > Hem tool.

4. The Hem dialogue box is visible in the design window.

5. In the Shape tab, the Edge Selection button is active.

6. Select the left inside vertical edge of the sheet.

7. The preview of Hem is displayed in the design window.

8. Fill the values in the ‘Gap’ and ‘Length’ input box as displayed.

9. Click OK to create new hem.

10. Return back to the assembly environment.

11. Mirror of Part3 is automatically updated.

12. In the Browser Bar, double click the ‘Part4' file to edit it.

13. Repeat the same steps and apply two more hem features on the left and right inside vertical edges of the sheet.

14. Reactivate the hem tool and select top inside edge of the sheet.

15. Click more button to expand the dialogue box.

16. By default, ‘Width Extents’ Type ‘Edge’ is selected.

17. Change it to ‘Offset’.

18. In the ‘OffSet1’ input box, expand the node to activate the Measure tool.

19. Select the left face of the sheet and right face of the hem.

20. The distance between the two faces will be added in the offset input box.

21. In the similar way add values in the ‘OffSet2’ input box.

22. Switch to the Bend tab, change the ‘Relief Shape’ type to ‘Tear’.

23. Click OK to execute the command.

24. At the end, remove the remaining extended faces by using Cut tool.

25. Open the Part4 file separately, to check the Flat Pattern of the sheet.