Thursday, December 25, 2014

Computer Mouse (Video Tutorial) SolidWorks 2014

Computer Mouse

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Computer Mouse (Video Tutorial) SolidWorks 2014
In this part/assembly modeling tutorial of SolidWorks we will create a model named ‘Computer Mouse’which is quite similar to Wacom Intuos 2 Mouse. The assembly of this model is created using four components. Following exploded view of the model shows it clearly.
Exploded View of Computer Mouse with SolidWorks

First part is quite simple after some basic sketching we will start our work using Extruded Boss/Base tool with a draft angle outward command. Then two extruded cut feature will be applied to complete the component. 
First Component of Computer Mouse with SolidWorks
Then the first component will be placed in the assembly and the next component will be created in the context of first part. Later some sketches will be created on different planes and a Lofted Base/Boss feature will be used to form a sold. Then a Shell feature will be applied to hollow the part. Next some planes will be created, to be used as Trimming Surfaces in Split solid feature command. Then the model displayed will be trimmed according to the design requirement. This would convert the component in a multi body part.
This section of the tutorial displays the application of Split solid feature in a very professional manner . Later some Surfaces will also be created to be used as Trimming Surfaces in the aforesaid feature. In the end all the remaining bodies will be combined. Again some Extruded Cut feature will be applied to create holes for side buttons. 

Second component of the assembly of computer mouse
From here a drastic change will occur in the modeling of this Computer Mouse. We will use configuration manager option of SolidWorks to create the next part to save time. Watch the tutorial to understand it more.

The remaining components are very common and I think there is no need to discuss them right now. Just watch everything in action the video is available below. 


Click the following link to get the model file: -