Monday, December 7, 2015

Metal Container (Video Tutorial with Caption) SolidWorks 2015

Metal Container

Serial No. 208

Metal Container (Video Tutorial with Caption) SolidWorks 2015
The Design of ‘Metal Container’ has been taken from → ‘Sample files’ → Autodesk Inventor.
This assembly illustrates Top-Down Designing of parts in an assembly environment where cross part projection is utilized that consumes the External Reference utility of the software. The assembly contains three parts:
1. ebox.sldprt
2. egasket.sldprt
3. elid.sldprt
The ‘ebox’ was created first into the assembly by using ‘New Part’ feature. The ‘egasket’ and ‘elid’ both were created within the assembly by taking the references of the top face loop set from the box (and then the gasket respectively). The ‘Convert Entities’ tool was utilized to take the references.


Click the following link to get the model file: - 
Transcription of Video
  • The gasket is to be created in context of the current assembly and the top face of the box is selected from within the sketching environment and the entire face edges is projected into the sketch by using ‘Convert Entities’ tool.
  • The lid is being created in a similar manner and the face which is to be projected on the top face of the gasket. Once all the edges are projected another extrusion is projected using only the outside edges of Boss-Extrude1.
  • Note that the ‘ebox’ and ‘elid’ parts are created in context of assembly but over the Plane1 and Plane2 respectively. The “offset distance” of these planes have been set by an inch each to allow ease of viewing in the assembly.
  • Select Sketch1 under Boss-Extrude1 in the ebox.sldprt and change the dimension of the sketch.
  • When you RETURN from the sketch edit and the part edit back to the top level of the ebox.sldasm you will see both the gasket and lid update to reflect the change you made in the sketch of the box extrusion.

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