Monday, June 30, 2014

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘How to build a Wrench as an iPart’ (with caption and audio narration)

Create a Wrench as an 'iPart' through

Serial No. 214

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘How to build a Wrench as an iPart’ (with caption and audio narration)

iParts are different from standard parts they are table driven part factories with a group of parts. The parts have the different parameter and different features that are controlled by table. The table is controlled by iPart Author or Spread Sheet.


Click the following link to get the model file: -




Transcription of Video

  1. Activate the ‘Create iPart’ command.
  2. iPart Author dialogue box is visible in the graphics window.
  3. Notice that the columns for the named parameters had automatically displayed and iWrench-01 has been added to the current file to define the first family member’s part number.
  4. Discard all named parameters by clicking ‘Remove’ arrow button one by one and again place all these named parameters in desired sequence by using ‘Add’ arrow button.
  5. Click the Other tab button and fill the text in the ‘Name’ field.
  6. ‘Size’ column is automatically added in the table.
  7. Fill the value in size column.
  8. Right click the row of iWrench-01, and click Insert Row in the context menu.
  9. In the second row, change the value in each column for the new member.
  10. Click Verify button.
  11. Click OK to generate the iPart.
  12. Parameter Table has been added in the browser bar.
  13. Click the ‘+’ sign to expand the node.
  14. Right click the iWrench-02 node and choose ‘Activate’ option to change the size of the member.
  15. Activate the first member once again.
  16. Right-click the table icon and select ‘Edit via Spreadsheet’.
  17. The iPart table is opened in Microsoft Excel.
  18. Create another member in the excel file and enter the value in each column.
  19. More parameters can be added with the excel file.
  20. Save the spreadsheet and close it.
  21. Click Yes button to update the table.
  22. In the browser bar, the family members have been automatically added, it can also be seen from the Edit Table.
  23. Click Cancel button to close the dialogue box.
  24. Activate the each family member one by one and see the effect.
  25. Save the ‘iWrench’ file.