Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spoon (Autodesk Inventor 2016)


Serial No. 223

In this Autodesk Inventor tutorial viewer will learn about surface modelling. The following topics of surface/ general part modeling of the aforesaid software are discussed in the video……

· How to place the some predefined sketches as (.dwg) file into the inventor Part file with the help of ‘Insert AutoCad File’ command.

· How to use 2D&3D Sketches on different work planes.

· Creating several surfaces by using Loft tool, Boundary Patch tool, Extrude tool etc.

· How to trim an extended surfaces by using ‘Trim Surface’ command.

· Stitch all the surfaces to convert them into single surface body by using Stitch tool.

· Adding thickness to the final formed surface to develop a new solid by using ‘Thicken/Offset’ tool.


Click the following link to get the model file: -http://a360.co/1Jr3xiL