Monday, August 10, 2015

Engine Crank Shaft (Video Tutorial) SolidWorks 2015

Engine Crank Shaft_1
Engine Crank Shaft_2

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Engine Crank Shaft (Video Tutorial) SolidWorks 2015

In this solidworks tutorial we will describe how to build the model of an ‘Engine Crank Shaft’. It is a part modeling it will cover following topics.

• Creating 2D Sketches on different Planes.

• How to use sketch constraints that are applied on during sketch creation.

• How to create some features with the aid of Extruded Boss/Base tool, Revolved Boss/Base tool, Thread tool, Fillet tool etc.

• How to remove specific portion of the part by using Extruded Cut tool.

• How to revolve the sketch profile filled by the specified angle from the middle plane of the model by using ‘Revolved Cut’ tool.

• How to use Chamfer tool, Fillet tool.


Click the following link to get the model file: -