Thursday, August 13, 2015

Engine Piston (Video Tutorial with Caption) SolidWorks 2015

Engine Piston_1
Engine Piston_2

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Engine Piston (Video Tutorial with Caption) SolidWorks 2015

In this SolidWorks tutorial we will create a Piston of an Engine. It is a part modeling tutorial that will cover following topics: ---

· Creating 2D sketch profiles on different planes with the help of Circle tool, Rectangle tool, three point Arc tool, Line tool, Center Line tool etc.

· Each of the sketch will be fully constrained with proper dimensioning and sketch constraints or you can say by using Dimension tool and Add Relations tool.

· Adding 'Extruded Base/Boss' tool on the sketch to create the solid part and 'Extruded Cut' tool to remove the material from the model.

· Adding fillets feature and changing the colour of the model the model.


Click the following link to get the model file: -



Transcription of Video

  • Create a new part file.
  • Start with a new sketch on the Front Plane.
  • Draw a circle with dimension and create a solid by using 'Extrude Boss/Base' tool.
  • Save the file with the name ‘Engine Piston’.
  • Create a new sketch profile on the rear face of the part and remove the material by using ‘Extruded Cut’ tool.
  • Enter the depth value under the Direction 1 area.
  • Create a sketch for making hole on the Right Plane of the Part.
  • Change the colour of the model (to) ‘Polished Steel’.
  • In this way to adding more features to complete the model.

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