Saturday, August 15, 2015

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Engine Connecting Rod’ (with caption)

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Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Engine Connecting Rod’ (with caption)

In this Inventor tutorial we will create an Engine Con Rod. It is a part modeling tutorial that will cover following topics: ---

· Creating some 2Dsketches with the basis of different planes.

· Understand the sketch constraints and dimensions to works effectively.

· How to establish the relationship between geometry.

· How to use Mirror tool on the basis of plane.

· How to use Extrude tool, Fillet tool, Chamfer tool etc.


Click the following link to get the model file: - 


Transcription of the Video

      • Start a new part file with an inch template.

      • Draw a new sketch over XY Plane.

      • Take project of X&Y Axis by using ‘Project Geometry’ tool.

      • Create sketches with the help of Circle tool, Centre Point Arc tool and Line tool.

      • Use sketch constraints and dimensions to full define the sketch as displayed.

      • The sketch is complete so exit from the sketching mode.

      • Activate the Extrude command first select the sketch profile next fill the value in the under the Extents field to define the depth of model. You can see type of Extent is selected as Distance automatically.

      • Save the part file with the name ‘Engine Con Rod’.

      • Next create another sketch over the top face of the model and create another Extrude feature as displayed.

      • If you want to create a new work plane on the middle of the part, activate the Plane tool and select top face of part and bottom face of part a plane is automatically created on the middle of the part.

      • Mirror of Extrusion2 feature on the basis of Work Plane1 by using 'Mirror' tool.

      • Add Fillet and Chamfer features to complete the model.

      • This is the final view of ‘Engine Con Rod’.