Monday, September 21, 2015

Rear Exhaust Manifold (Video Tutorial) Autodesk Inventor 2016

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Serial No. 240

Rear Exhaust Manifold (Video Tutorial) Autodesk Inventor 2016

The Design of ‘Rear Exhaust Manifold’ has been taken from Assembly file of ‘Rear Exhaust-2 Shoe' of Sample files of Autodesk Inventor, it is a fragment of ‘Engine MKII’ Assembly.

In this Inventor Tutorial we will describe how to build the model of ‘Rear Exhaust Manifold’. It is a part modeling tutorial, it will cover the following topics.

  • Creating 2D Sketches and 3D Sketches on different Planes of the model.
  • Create a 3D Sketch curve from intersecting geometry by selecting a surface and workplane with the help of ‘Intersection Curve’ command.
  • Use the sketch constraints that are applied on during sketch creation.
  • Use feature commands such as, Extrude with surface option, Revolve, Shell, Sweep and the fillet tool.
  • Adds the Sweep feature by selecting the Profile and Path.



Click the following link to get the model file: -