Sunday, September 25, 2016

SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorial--‘Creating Miter Flange’ (with caption)

Creating Miter Flange

Serial No. 212

SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorial-- ‘Creating Miter Flange’ (with caption)
This tutorial shows how to create Miter Flange by selecting a linear edge of the sheet in solid works sheet metal environment.


Click the following link to get the model file: -

Transcription of the Video
  1. Creating Miter Flange in SolidWorks
  2. Activate the ‘Miter Flange’ command.
  3. Hold the mouse and read the message on dialog box.
  4. Draw two lines, perpendicular to each other on the front face of the model.
  5. Give the dimension to fully constraint the sketch.
  6. Uncheck the ‘Use default radius’ option in Miter Parameters panel, enter the value in the Bend Radius field.
  7. Select ‘Material Inside’ option under type 'Flange position'.
  8. Enter the value in the Gap distance field.
  9. Select the three inside linear edges to attach the miter flange.
  10. Finally the Miter Flange feature has been created successfully.