Friday, December 1, 2017

Square Bend Tube through Sheet Metal -- SolidWorks 2014 Tutorial (with caption and audio narration)

Square Bend Tube created through Sheet Metal


Serial No. 213

Square Bend Tube through Sheet Metal -- SolidWorks 2014 Tutorial (with caption and audio narration)

Inside this video, viewers will watch the full detailed process of creating this model through SolidWorks Sheet Metal design functionality.



Click the following link to get the model file: - 


Transcription of the Video

  1. Create a new Part file.
  2. Go to the ‘Edit Document Units’ tab and select ‘MMGS’ option.
  3. Create a new sketch over the Front Plane.
  4. Create a centre rectangle coincident with the origin and affix the dimensions.
  5. Select a horizontal line and convert into construction geometry.
  6. Draw two horizontal lines and apply the dimensions.
  7. Finish the sketch and choose the Isometric view.
  8. Save the file with the name ‘Square Bend Tube’.
  9. Create a new sketch over the Right Plane.
  10. Select the Right Plane and choose ‘Normal To’ option to rotate the view along the plane.
  11. Create a horizontal line and Vertical line with the preferred dimension.
  12. Create another line and set the angular dimension.
  13. Select these two lines and apply the equal constraint.
  14. Convert the four lines into construction geometry.
  15. Create two arcs between the endpoint of lines.
  16. Finish the sketch and activate the ‘Swept Flange’ command.
  17. In the Profile selection area, select the rectangle in the graphics area.
  18. In the Path selection area, select the line.
  19. The preview of swept is visible in the design window.
  20. Set the thickness value 2mm and bend radius value 2mm.
  21. Click OK to execute the command.
  22. Change the colour of the model as according to your choice.
  23. Change the color of selected curved face of the model to distinguish it for Emboss text.
  24. Create a new sketch on this face.
  25. Activate the ‘Convert Entities’ command.
  26. Select the two vertical edges of the model.
  27. Create a horizontal line and apply dimensions.
  28. Activate the ‘Text’ command and select the line.
  29. Write the text as ‘Square Bend Tube’ and format the text.
  30. Click OK to create the text.
  31. Choose the Isometric View.
  32. Activate the ‘Wrap’ command, select the horizontal line which is based on the text.
  33. And select this face for wrap the text.
  34. ‘Emboss’ option is preselected, if you want to engrave the text you choose ‘Deboss’ option.
  35. You may also change height of embossed text.
  36. Click OK to execute the command.
  37. Change the color of face for good looking.
  38. In the same manner, emboss the text opposite side of the model.
  39. Save the Part file.