Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ashtray (Autodesk Inventor 2013)



 Serial No. 3

Ashtray (Autodesk Inventor 2013)

In this part/assembly tutorial of ‘Autodesk Inventor’ we will create a model named ‘Ashtray’.  First a new part will be created will the help of Extruded, Extruded with Cut operation, Revolve with Cut operation Tools.  To blunt its sharp edges Chamfer and Fillets will be applied.

Next a assembly will be created and the first part will be placed in it. The second part of the Ashtray model will be created in context of the first part in assembly modeling environment.  The same tools will be utilized which were used in creation of first part along with Pattern Tool.

In this way viewers will be able to watch application of many part modeling and assembly modeling techniques in this simple tutorial.



Click the following link to get the model file:- http://a360.co/18muVwy