Monday, November 18, 2013

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Extrude Tool’ (with caption and audio narration)


Application of Extrude Feature

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Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Extrude Tool’(with caption and audio narration)

In this Video, we have focused mainly on Extrude Feature and its application to make 'Part7' of previously created model 'LED Lamp'.






Click the following link to get the drawing sheet of the model: -



Transcription of Video

Application of Extrude Feature

In this Video we have focused mainly on Extrude Feature and its application to make ‘Part7’ of previously created model ‘LED Lamp’.

  1. At present you are watching a work piece in the design window. Its name is ‘Part7’ which is taken from our previously created model ‘LED Lamp’.
  2. We want to develop this work piece like this.
  3. In the following steps we will start adding some more features.
  4. We will start our work by creating a new Work Plane that would be tangent to surface of this work piece.
  5. Draw a new sketch on this Work Plane which is defined as sketch6 in the Browser.
  6. Take the project of XY Plane with the help of ‘Project Geometry’ Tool.
  7. Start a Rectangle Tool Command and fill the dimension.
  8. Apply Coincident Constraint between the rectangle and vertical line.
  9. Now the rectangle is centred over the vertical line.
  10. Now take the project of this edge and convert it to construction mode.
  11. Now apply Collinear Constraint between horizontal line of the rectangle and the construction line.
  12. Now draw an arc over the top edge of this rectangle, next convert this line into the construction geometry.
  13. Take another project of this edge.
  14. Draw a line over this edge and centre align it with the vertical line.
  15. Draw an arc again.
  16. Apply the dimension as displayed.
  17. Create a triangular shape drawing with given dimensions.
  18. Now this sketch is complete.
  19. Select Work Plane2, right click and turn off its visibility.
  20. Extrude sketch6-a and select the ‘Cut’ option and click OK.
  21. Fill the dimension 0.12475 inch to remove the unwanted material.
  22. In the browser click the small plus icon beside the Extrusion5 and select Sketch6, right click and select share sketch, you will see that Sketch6 is visible. (By using ‘Share Sketch’ option we can reuse a previously drawn sketch feature).
  23. Now activate the ‘Extrude’ feature once again and select Sketch6-b and cut this section.
  24. Create a new sketch on this face.
  25. Extrude the surface enclosed by inner circle and cut it by 1/8 inch.
  26. Go to ‘Circular Pattern’ Tool, select Extrusion5 and Extrusion6 from the Browser Bar and define the axis of revolution by selecting the circular surface of this face and fill eight occurrences in the ‘Placement’ option and click OK.
  27. Create a circular flat ring of width 1/32 inch and extrude this sketch to 1/4 inch.
  28. Create one other circular strip of width 1/32 inch outside the previously created inner ring and extrude this sketch to 1/8 inch.
  29. In the next step we go to ‘Shell’ Tool and select the desired face and fill thickness 1/32 inch and click OK.
  30. Finally we found the desired shape of Part7.