Saturday, January 18, 2014

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Creating Tooth of Hacksaw Blade’ (with caption and audio narration)

Hacksaw Blade

Serial No. 193

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Creating Tooth of Hacksaw Blade’ (with caption and audio narration)

In this exercise we have used two 3D features → Extrude (Cut operation) and Rectangular Pattern.

Here a pre constructed part ‘Blade’ is taken from the model ‘Hacksaw’. 


Click the following link to get the model file: - 



 Transcription of Video

  1. Open the Blade (.ipt) file.
  2. A pre constructed Blade part file is visible in isometric view.
  3. Select blue face of the Blade.
  4. When the mini-toolbar appears, click the third button on the right, labeled with the tooltip Create Sketch.
  5. Now we are in the sketch environment.
  6. Take the project of the model by using Project Cut Edges tool.
  7. Select all the sketches in the design window and convert them into construction geometry.
  8. Create tooth profile with the help of line tool.
  9. Now the sketch is complete.
  10. Finish the 2D sketch.
  11. Select any line of the enclosed profile, the mini-toolbar appears in the graphics window.
  12. Click the Create Extrude icon.
  13. It will automatically select the tooth profile.
  14. Extrude dialog box is visible in the design window.
  15. In the Extents field, select ‘All’ option from the drop down list.
  16. It will automatically select the ‘Cut’ operation.
  17. Click OK to create the feature.
  18. Click the ‘Rectangular Pattern’ icon on the Pattern panel of 3D Model tab.
  19. Rectangular Pattern dialogue box is visible in the graphics window.
  20. Features button is active by default.
  21. Select Extrusion3 from the browser bar.
  22. Right click in the graphics window and choose Continue.
  23. Select horizontal edge of the blade parallel to X Axis to define the direction of pattern.
  24. Choose the Flip button to reverse the direction.
  25. Set the column count to 192.
  26. Set the column spacing to 0.0625 inch.
  27. Now the preview of pattern is visible.
  28. Click OK to execute the Rectangular Pattern Feature.
  29. Right click the Rectangular Pattern2 in the browser bar, and then select Show Dimensions.