Saturday, January 18, 2014

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Text & Emboss tool’ (with caption and audio narration)

Application of ‘Text’ tool and ‘Emboss’ tool

Serial No. 192

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial--‘Text & Emboss tool’ (with caption and audio narration)

In this exercise a pre constructed part file ‘Anvil’ is used.


Click the following link to get the model file: -



 Transcription of Video

  1. Open the Anvil (.ipt) file.
  2. At present a pre constructed part file of ‘Anvil’ is visible in the isometric view.
  3. Create a new sketch on the blue face of the Anvil with the help of ‘Create 2D Sketch’ tool.
  4. Take the project of the model by using ‘Project Cut Edges’ tool.
  5. Select the projected model edges in the design window and convert them into construction geometry.
  6. Start the ‘Text’ tool from the Draw panel of the Sketch tab.
  7. In the graphics window, click to place the insertion point for the text box and drag to define the area of the text box.
  8. Format Text dialogue box is visible in the graphics window.
  9. In the ‘Format Text’ dialogue box, enter the text ANVIL in the specified area.
  10. Select text and choose Center Justification and Middle Justification in the ‘Style’ option.
  11. Enter the value 0.8 in the ‘Size’ field.
  12. Change the text colour to Red.
  13. In the ‘Font’ field, select ‘Calibri’ font from the drop down list.
  14. Click OK to place the Text.
  15. Right click in the graphics window and click OK to finish the command.
  16. Apply Vertical constraint and Coincident constraint on the text to position it properly.
  17. Finish the 2D sketch.
  18. Activate the ‘Emboss’ tool from the Create panel of the 3D Model tab.
  19. Emboss dialogue box is visible in the design window.
  20. The profile selection is activated by default.
  21. Select text as profile.
  22. In the ‘Depth’ field enter the value 0.25 inch.
  23. Change the direction of the feature by clicking the flip direction button.
  24. Click OK to execute the Emboss feature.
  25. Select the Emboss feature in the browser bar and activate the ‘Adjust’ tool from the ‘Quick Access Tool Bar’.
  26. Adjust the appearance tinting of the feature and click OK to apply.