Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sheet Metal-Forming Tools (SolidWorks 2014)

Sheet Metal-Forming Tools

Serial No. 16

Sheet Metal-Forming Tools (SolidWorks 2014) 


The Design of this model is selected from 'SolidWorks Tutorials':--

Basic Techniques → Sheet Metal: Forming Tools

You can use preformed sheet metal tools in the Design Library to expedite the forming of details in sheet metal part design.

In this tutorial, you learn the following:

  • Add a formed louver part to the design library.
  • Add a formed louver to a sheet metal part.
  • Select a configuration for the formed louver.
  • Replace the formed louver with a formed extruded hole.
  • Link the formed extruded hole to the sheet metal part to preserve forming tool updates.
  • Set the appearance of placement sketches in flat patterns.
  • Assign punch IDs for use in punch tables.



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