Friday, April 10, 2015

Modifying Reflection Environment and Default Lightning Settings || Autodesk Inventor

Display of model with default reflection settings

Display of model after modifying the default settings
Sometimes Reflection effect over the model is very irritating. The following videos show how to change it and how default lightning settings can be modified to get desired effect. 

Process of changing the default settings of reflection in Autodesk Inventor

Process of changing the default lightning settings in Autodesk Inventor
Watch the following video to understand the full process in action...

Video Transcription
Here you can see the reflection effect which not seems to be soothing. So it should be changed..
Switch to Tools tab and activate the Application options.
In the Colors settings change the Reflection Environment settings by selecting the file instead of default file.
So after making some moderate changes in the default lightening settings the look of the model can be adjusted to look cool….