Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vise (Volume-1)—Solid Edge ST9 Tutorial



Serial No. 21-A.

Vise (Volume-1)—Solid Edge ST9 Tutorial
(Rest of the design of the model is completed in Volume-2)

In this Solid Edge Tutorial we will describe how to build the model ‘Vise’. It is a Part and Assembly modeling tutorial. This assembly consist of 1 Main assembly, 3 Subassemblies and 12 part files (Jaw Plate, threaded stud, Handle, washer, spring etc.) that are positioned according to design intent by using Assembly Constraints. This tutorial will give you a good practice of applying constraints in an assembly and give you an idea of Vise mechanism.

It will cover the following topics.


• Creating 2D Sketches on different Planes.

• Use the sketch constraints that are applied on during sketch creation.

•. Use features command such as Extrude, Revolved, Loft, Cut, Chamfer, Round, Text Profile, Mirror, Hole features Revolved Cut etc.

•. ‘Lofted Protrusion’ command constructs a protrusion by fitting through a series of cross sections. You can define the cross sections using profiles drawn within the command, sketches, or edges of existing features. The cross sections must be closed elements.

• How to create a text on the model by using Text Profile command and emboss the text by using Extrude command.

• Use Extrude feature command to extrude a profile along a straight path.

• Use the Hole command to construct threaded holes.

• Use Mirror copy feature command to construct a mirror copy of selected features.

• How to create a realistic thread (Acme Thread) by sweeping a cross section along a helical path by using ‘Helical Cutout’ command.

• How to apply knurl image on the face of the model with the help of ‘Styles’ tool.

• How to change the color of the model by using ‘Part Painter’ tool.

• Use assembly constraints such as Axial Align mate, Planer Align mate, Mate command etc.

• How to insert component into the assembly using drag and drop from parts library by using ‘Insert Component’ command.

• Use ‘Show Reference Planes’ option in the assembly to mate the components more easily.

• How to use the Planar Align command to apply a relationship between selected parts.

• How to mate the parts by using ‘Flash Fit’ command in the assembly.

• How to rotate and moving part by using ‘Drag Component’ command.



Click the following link to get the model file: - http://a360.co/2jsycX4